Illegal Imigrants Negative And Positive Views

Illegal Imigrants Negative And Positive Views


There are both positive and negative aspects to the large number of immigrants entering the United States. The impact is significant in many areas of society. This leads to a variety of opinions on this topic. The current influx is especially great and diverse such that it requires special attention.
The large number of immigrants entering the United States impacts the culture of the country in many ways. One way the immigrant influx changes this country is with their language. People born in other countries often do not speak English and those that do speak English usually do not speak it as their mother tongue. A trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles will quickly illustrate that Spanish is now a very common language in California.
Immigrants also change the culture of the United States by changing eating habits. A family from Japan would eat more rice and fish, whereas a Mongolian family would eat a diet of fatty meats. As the composition of the country changes, the availability and dietary traditions change with it. For example, Mexican food is much more available in Northern California today

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