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The topic I chose was to compare and contrast the roles and functions of Zoroaster, Jesus, and Muhammad in the establishment of the religions associated with each of them. The main roles to compare and contrast are the intentions of each man, his relative success in fulfilling his objective, and what important departures from that goal, if any, occurred in the religions after each man?s death.
Zoroaster received a revelation from Vohu Manah (Good Thought). Vohu Manah told him to lay aside his material body and as a soul visit Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord). Ahura Mazda then instructed Zoroaster, called now to be a prophet, in the doctrines and duties of the true religion (Noss 353). For the following eight years, he received more visions each one revealing more and more of the religion. The intentions of Zoroaster were pretty much an elaboration on the religion that was established by the Aryans. He also believed Ahura Mazda was the supreme deity. Although he believed there were other deities, he believed Ahura Mazda was the one that created the other deities. At the time, Aryan religion called their spirits

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