Native Mythology Vs. Bible Mythology

Native Mythology Vs. Bible Mythology

Native Mythology Vs. Bible Mythology (An Essay On The Difference And Similarities Between ??The World And The Turtle Back?? And The Book Of Genesis)
Have you ever thought about how humans explained how life began Stories are a way to
explain everyday occurrences. In two creation stories? The Turtle On The World?s Back? and the book of Genesis, there are many similarities and differences.
In both of the creation stories the tree was an important part of the stories. There was also a heavy undertone of good and evil in each of the stories .Generally speaking creation stories have similar yet different explanations of how the human race and earth began.

Inside ? The Turtle On The World?s Back? there are certain objects that have meaning and symbolize importance to the native Americans .Specifically the sacred tree was a symbol. The sacred tree symbolized the pureness of humans. The sacred tree had delicious ripe fruits andm flowers and was never to be touched or mutilated. While the tree in the creation myth was
important ,there was an equally important symbol :the two identical siamese twins. Consequently in these creation stories

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