American Culture is Infatuated With Violence

American Culture is Infatuated With Violence


For Americans, violence has become a way of life in more ways than are imaginable. In America, violence occurs everyday and leads to disasters, disabilities, and sometimes deaths. Over the past years, violence has occurred in different ways in America. Violence is evidenced in our sports, in our films, and lastly in our homes and neighborhoods.
In America, violence is being evidenced in our sport activities, which thousands of us spend thousands of dollars to be a part of. For example, during wrestling matches, people are paid to perform violent acts. These violent acts being performed in the wrestling rings have lead to broken bones, paralysis, and very often, deaths. Wrestling doesn?t only cause fortune to the people that do it for a living, but has also caused serious injuries to people who watch wrestling and try to perform what they see, that is performed in the wrestling rings at home. Wrestling is only one out of many American sports that is conducive to violence. Some other American sports involving violence are football, hockey, ultimate wrestling, boxing, and many more.
In America, violence is also evidenced in many films.

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