The Pearl Music

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The Pearl: Music

Music is known to be a quality in which one possesses toproduce harmony,
or to make others pleasant through messages.Authors use descriptive writing
to set the atmosphere in manystories. In the short story, “The Pearl”, John
Steinbeck usesdifferent types of music to introduce, and set the atmosphere
ofthe story. In this, music is used to introduce evil, to showfamily
lifestyle, and to show significance of the pearl. John Steinbeck shows
evils intrusion into Kinos family bymeans of music. Evil is introduced
into many scenes, by itsshadows and music. Kino, being the main character,
is usuallyfirst to hear it. “Kino stepped to the doorway and looked
out…The thin dog cameto him, and threshed itself in greeting like a
wind?┬ęblown flag,and Kino looked down at it and didnt see it. He had
brokenthrough the horizons into a cold and lonely outside. He feltalone and
unprotected, and scraping crickets and shrilling treefrogs and croaking
toads seemed to be carrying the melody ofevil.” Here Kino, hears the evil
music carried out through the eyesof nature. The baby, Coyotito, is still,
and quiet, and does notknow of the evil that is approaching. As for his
illness, it hasbeen cured when Kino first found the pearl. In time, a
little after Kino hears this evil music, the doctorarrives having already
heard about the

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