Seth God Of Chaos

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Seth: God Of Chaos

Seth, or Set, is the Egyptian god of chaos who embodied the principle of outright evil. In the beginning of Egyptian history Seth was a member of the acclaimed gods of Egypt. Seth is the God that stands at the bow of Ra?s boat and slays enemies as the ship daily navigates the sky. He was associated with the destruction of foreign lands. He was depicted as a human with a head of an aardvark. ?He had a curved snout, erect square- tipped ears and a long forked tail. Sometimes he was represented in entirely animal form with a body similar to that of a greyhound.? Among the animals sacred to Seth were the desert oryx, crocodile, boar, and the hippopotamus in its aspect as a destroyer of boats and of planted fields. The pig was a taboo in Seths cult. The Greeks later equated Seth with their demon-god Typhon.
He was supposedly born in Upper Egypt. There is a sanctuary for him located at Ombos. It is unclear if Seth the son of Nut and Geb or of Nut and Ra. He is the brother of Isis, Osiris and Nephthys.

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