The Legalization Of Marijuana

The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Why legalize marijuana The legalization of marijuana will reduce narcotic drug use, crime, and create a better society. Marijuanas effect on people is greatly over exaggerated, in that marijuana acts as a scapegoat for many of societys problems today. Marijuana is blamed today for leading to the use of narcotic drugs, this claim has never been proven, the only grounds for that statement is, marijuana is a more widespread and more sampled drug. There are many reasons presented by both sides why or why not marijuana should be legalized.
Chronic marijuana users may develop a motivational syndrome characterized by decreased motivation, and preoccupation with taking drugs, or what is contrived as generally lazy. The relationship of this syndrome to marijuana use however, has not been proven. Like alcohol intoxication, marijuana intoxication impairs judgment, comprehension, memory, speech, problem-solving ability, and reaction time. The effect of long-term use on the intellect is unknown. There is no evidence that marijuana induces or causes brain damage (“marijuana” 2, Microsoft). In 1991, almost half the oncologists who answered a Harvard Medical School Survey said they would prescribe marijuana for relief of chemotherapy side effects were

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