Yes Ethics And The Kingdom Of God

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Yes : Ethics And The Kingdom Of God

This author, C. Stephen Layman, defends the argument that morality is relative to religions. At the beginning of the essay, the author states clearly the arguments of the secular side, who believes that morality is based on secular power rather than God. Then, he carefully disputes their reasoning by showing the controversies in those points.

First of all, secular side says that since society cannot function well unless individuals have moral virtue, and since that individuals cannot separate from the society, morality pays for the self-interest. For example, people follow the etiquette because they believe that the society will pay them back in long run with good interpersonal relationships. However, as Layman argues, although it seems that the institution of morality pays for individuals who participate and for those who are consciously thinking about return payment, this is not always true. There is no absolute guarantee that the institution would pay back. In that case, it is hard to comprehend why people should bother with the moral codes if their self-interests are not satisfied.

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