Byzantine Catholic Church Visit

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Byzantine Catholic Church Visit

Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Parish
(a reflection of mass)

The divine liturgy for Sunday December 15th, 2002 was one filled with experience and amazement. As I drove up the church looked like another ordinary church which I had attended many. As I approached the church I walked through the main doors and there was a small lobby where a few people waited for services to begin.

I went into a small office to the left of the main door and spoke with a lady about service to make sure there wasn?t anything significant during Liturgy that I needed to know about. After being told no and a brief explanation on how it was similar to most catholic masses, I went and took a seat in a pew in the main part of the church. I was thoroughly shocked! The main part was a lot smaller than it looked from the outside.

As I sat in the pew, I looked straight forward at one of three altars. People were going up to them praying and then lighting a candle, although I am not sure what for. Behind the alters, was the main alter behind swinging doors, that were opened during liturgy for everyone to see.

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