Byzantine Church

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Byzantine Church

We learn much about people from being in their homes, and we can learn about the Eastern Christian community by seeing the place where they express their relationship to God and to each other. The church building, then, helps us, see the church. It shows what the Church is about, being a communion of God and His people.

The Narthex, which is the entrance Hall, shows the call to repent, to continually change our ways, to live a new life. It is decorated with icons of the Old Testament Prophets who prepared the Jews to encounter God in Jesus Christ. When entering the narthex we recall the need to prepare ourselves to meet the Lord. This area is usually the place where people received exceptence into the church through baptism and chrismation and enter into a relationship with God and His people.

The Nave, which is teh body of the church, shows the body of believers. This is wehre people gather for worship. On the waslls surrounding them are icons

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