Explain CSL.?s Distinction Between ?need-love? And ?gift-lov

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Explain CSL.?s Distinction Between ?need-love? And ?gift-love?.

In the introduction to The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis introduces the idea of love into two distinct sections of ?need-love? and ?gift-love?. Human love can be defined as love just as long as it resembles the Love which is God. Lewis states, ?I still think that if all we mean by our love is a craving to be loved, we are in a very deplorable state.? (p. 2). To love is to do so unconditionally without the intention of receiving the same emotion back in return.
Gift-love is a supernatural emotion that is given freely. Lewis gave an example of ?gift-love? as being, ?…that love which moves a man to work and plan and save for the future well-being of his family which he will die without sharing or seeing…? (p. 1). The parent is attempting to give the child all that he has to offer through his unending determination to make the child happy without the cause to expect something back in return. ?Our Gift-loves are really God-like; and amongst our Gift-loves those are most God-like which are most boundless and unwearied in giving,? as expressed by Lewis. (p. 8) The gift

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