Illegal Immigrants And The Necessity For Borders To Be Restr

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Illegal Immigrants And The Necessity For Borders To Be Restricted

America is known as the melting pot country. There is a diverse amount of people here from all different nations and from different religious backgrounds. Everyone is accepted here. An American does not have a certain ?look? about them. There is a huge sense of pride to be an American. That is what makes this country so great. Immigrants were what shaped the United States back in the 1700?s. With such a technologically advanced country, along with the amount of freedom the American people have, people from other countries want to migrate to the United States, where freedom of religion and of speech is allowed. But the population of the country is steadily increasing, posing the problem of over crowding. The population in the U.S. of immigrants from Mexico is rapidly escalating to be the largest immigrant group, with 54% of the six million illegal immigrants coming from the United States? neighbor, Mexico (Andreas 8). Should stricter policies be enforced for Mexican immigrants wanting to cross the border into the U.S. Or should the amount of border patrolmen be lessened and have an open border between the two countries
Along the border there is a great deal of people crossing

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