Monsters Among Us

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Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us

Two heavily armed boys wearing camouflage clothing and hiding among trees fired on a

group of their middle school classmates and teachers as they scurried outside during a false fire

alarm. Once the students and staff began to emerge from the school building, they were greeted

with a hail of gunfire. The ambush left four students and a teacher dead and 11 others wounded.

Police apprehended two suspects?ages 11 and 13? just minutes after the midday shooting

outside Westside Middle School in the quiet town of Jonesboro, Ark. Authorities said the boys

were running away and were apprehended a few hundred yards from the shooting scene. It was

unclear whether one of the boys or a third person pulled the alarm. The suspects were armed

with handguns and rifles, some of which appeared to be semi-automatics. Two rifles and other

weapons were seized by police officials.

Police said they arrived within four minutes of being notified of the shootings, which

began shortly after noon. They immediately encountered a bloody, chaotic scene of screaming

students, staff, and stunned victims. Police authorities said that all but one of the shooting

victims?including the five fatalities?were female, none of them were older

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